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Injury Flag Status



Your heart needs a rest for a few months. Only a couple more weeks to go!


No restrictions, do sprints, do 2ks, do 2 sessions a day, do whatever you like. Don't forget core work and stretches.


Stick to one session a day, do lots of stretching. Accept 12 hour days for 6 years did a number on you.


Close to Injury.
Rib related: If you feel like erg'ing, for an hour and half, don't! Just cycle, and erg for 20 minutes. Stretch!
Knee related: Stretch, bridge, foam roll, trigger ball, ice! Look after yourself. Avoid 4 hour bike rides.


You are fucked. Stick to cycling only. Moan to everyone around you and make their life as miserable as you feel.


Cant even cycle. Just stay in bed, and eat Nutella out of the Jar.


This flag not being updated any more. You are a fat guy, who has stopped exercising, you got a bit of a belly and think you don't have time for the gym as you are too busy with work and family. Whatever dude.