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Cheating and second chances

I should say first right here that I fucking hate cheats. Hate them. Specially people who cheat as adults/teens. OK, a 10 year old cheating, I can blame the parents, but say a 25 year old cheating. Scum. BUT.....

I am a bit outraged at a comment Graeme Swann has made about cheaters in Cricket that I felt I had to write a quick line about it. I might re-write or add more comments later, but anyway Swanny has said in this article on the BBC that:

"I was glad when they got punished. Now I'm aghast they have been given the chance to play again.

The notion that every man deserves a second chance is absolute nonsense. In sport, where you know full well what you're doing - tarnishing the game, ruining it for millions of people - then you shouldn't get another crack at that.

There are certain jobs you can't do with a criminal record. Once trust is gone, how do you win that back?"

Firstly, playing cricket is not like the jobs you cant do with criminal record. FFS, what a stupid statement. The jobs you cant do with criminal record are things where you are working with children and so on, not playing cricket.

If they have served the ban, then why should he not come back. Agree, maybe the ban is too short, but if that's the sentence, then that's the sentence. He has served it now he is coming back.

And to be honest Amir looks like he was just a kid, he probably got pressured by the older guys to do this, got excited about the money, but he has served his ban, I am afraid, that's the law you have to accept it.

Now if you want to use your influence to change the law, then I am all for it. Do it, I ll back you, but stop winging about this poor guy coming back.

Posted on 12 Jul 2016, 11:03 a.m.

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