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Bumps Racing: The Right Decision?

Univ M1 got a bump on Jesus M1 in Torpids 2016 after appealing to the Umpires. Our evidence was this short piece, where the Jesus M1 cox clearly concedes:

(see a larger version here.)

Our cox saw this during the race, and so we appealed, specially because of what happened between us and Jesus last year (Read about it here).

I still believe both bumps are a little unfair, and really reflect why Bumps racing is such an odd form of competition, which we still love! Jesus bump on us was completely unfair because there was no clear evidence of it. And this one is a little unfair because well, the cox just messed up, and if he hadn't, well....

I still dont feel too bad about our bump because we were completely blocked by Pembroke M2 earlier in the race and easily lost half a length to 3/4 of a length having to go around them into the stream (They got fined 50 quid for it), so I believe we would have got Jesus much earlier and more clearly if we had not been blocked.

Anyway, good luck to Jesus for the future. I wish them a successful Eights campaign. I hope they do understand that we acted exactly the same way as they did last year. We wanted our blades, like they did, and this was a crucial step towards us achieving that.

Again, this is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else at Univ.

Posted on 28 Feb 2016, 2:51 a.m.

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