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Thank you Mrs. Smith for the Lovely Chocolate Cake

Watching England beat the Australian's in the Ashes (in particular at Trent Bridge this week) is pure joy, pure pleasure. It's unbelievable how happy it makes me.

I am just watching the highlights of day 1 at Trent Bridge (SPOILER: with Australia all out for 60 in the first innings), and well, I am just sitting here, grinning, and feeling like I can never be sad again! :)

It's a weird game cricket, it can be painful watching it (or listening on TMS), when your team is giving their wickets away, or bowling badly, but some of the moments, which may happen once every few months if not years, are so powerful, that you can't help but fall in love.

And finally, TMS (or Test Match Special), I mean, what can I say that could possibly do justice to this English institution? All I can say is thank you for the hours and hours of fun, this and a big thank you to Mrs. Smith for the lovely chocolate cake.



p.s. and here is a bonus.

Posted on 8 Aug 2015, 7:48 a.m.

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