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Bumps Racing: The Wrong Decision

Update on this story.

So I was part of Univ M1 who was competing in the Torpids rowing regatta in Oxford two weeks ago. Two weeks before the races, we competed in IWL Head Race and had a very good result, smashing all our competition (Brasenose and Jesus in particular), so we were feeling confident, however, we went into Torpids having lost a lot of training due to various injuries and illnesses. (Getting the excuses in early)

We went into the first day of racing, with me still really struggling with a cold. So certainly not 100%.

Anyway, first day nerves and so on meant we did not have a good race, and just rowed over, meaning the next day we start in the same position as we did on the day (If we had bumped, we would have moved up a position). The next day, we had a better race, bumped and moved up one.

On the third day, we had a good first half of the race, but in the second half, we lost all our rhythm and got under a lot of pressure from Jesus M1, but we still worked hard and rowed over. But apparently Jesus, who thought they were on for blades, were not happy about this, appealed and had the result, against the decision of the umpire on the day, overturned. Apparently they had vide evidence of the bump here.

The interesting stuff starts at around 7 minutes and 25 seconds. We were never given the chance to view the footage before the race desk made their decision. But we were told, on the phone, that the video showed a bump beyond reasonable doubt and we had no chance of appeal.

I call BS. In no way does the video is a proof of anything other than it was a close race. The umpire on the day saw what happened in full human view HD, why was his decision overturned?

It was the wrong decision. I guess I say fair enough to Jesus for appealing, what do they have to lose, but for the people who then decided the video showed a bump, well I hope that:

Back to training for me now.

p.s. this does not reflect the view of anyone else at or around Univ. It's just my personal opinion.

Posted on 14 Mar 2015, 1:54 p.m.

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