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Make Oxford Nexus Email and Gmail play nicely.

I manage all my emails from my Gmail. I have way too many mail boxes. I have to be able to manage all of these from one inbox, otherwise I will go crazy.

More importantly though, I want to be able to have a copy of all my Oxford emails once I leave Oxford.

The write up below describes how you can get all your Oxford emails in Gmail and then also reply and manage them from there, without anyone ever needing to know you are not using Nexus.

Geek note: I also like to get my emails quickly, so I would like to avoid setting things up as POP3 if I can help it. It used to be that Gmail let you set other accounts inside it as IMAP, but those days are gone I am afraid (at least for now). If you don't mind waiting an hour or two sometimes to get your email adding an email as POP3 in Gmail instead of doing step 1 is easier - there is lots of info on Google on that.

So below are some steps that I have followed to make Oxford Nexus and Gmail work nicely together. There may be easier ways, and please let me know if you have one!

In summary, you will do this:

Step 1 - Setup an autoforward inbox rule:

What the rule says is: "For any message that I receive, mark it as read, move the message out of my inbox to a folder called 'Ali: Auto Forwarded', redirect a copy to my gmail account, but don't do this for messages sent from me".

Note: You can select 'Delete Message' rather than 'Move it to Folder' if you are OK just to get rid of the email. I rather keep the copy in my nexus account, in case. Moreover, I have the 'exception' rule to not apply this rule to messages from me in case I send an email to myself and CC myself, I don't want to get a copy of the message in my inbox again.

Now move over to Gmail.

Step 2 - Setup a new 'Send mail as' in Gmail:

NOTE: If you tick 'Treat as alias', Google will associate your Oxford email to your Google plus/Gmail account. So when people receive an email from your Oxford account,they see your google plus picture, and so on. If you really want to keep your Gmail and Oxford separate, unstick this. I have it ticked.

Enter your Single Sign On account (E.g. univ1234) and Password, and type '' under 'SMTP Server', choose port 587 and select 'Secured connection under TLS (recommended)' and save changes.

Couple of small notes:

Posted on 6 Oct 2014, 7:22 p.m.

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