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I am injured again

A very high percentage of my blog posts are about my fucking injuries, aren't they? I have strained my fucking Intercostal muscles between a couple of my ribs on the front right hand side. We think this one came up because my blade clashed with another crew's blade,and it pulled away from me suddenly.

I am so unbelievably upset that I cannot imagine it being very healthy for me. Osteopath and Coach think it's only going to be a few days away from rowing, but given my past experience, I expect it's going to be a few weeks, and possibly closer to a month or more.

So I am willing to bet that I should say goodbye to Head of the River, and pretty sure my place in the first boat is gone too for next term. So much for planning to increase the mileage during the holidays.

Not fair, it really is not fair. What did I do to deserve this?

Update as of Saturday 22nd of March - 6 days after the injury

It is not getting any better. I did d UT2 cycle yesterday on the trainers (so used very little upper body) - could that have made it worse? It felt fine last night, but this morning, I was in agony. I actually got woken up by the pain, rather than by an alarm clock. Very worrying.

Should I be sleeping sat up rather than lying down?


Update as of Wednesday 26th of March - 10 days after the injury

Fuck, it's getting worse, and not better. I am now confident it's a rib stress fracture. I can barely sleep at night, and the pain when I breathe (even slightly heavy or try and move in certain directions is excruciating.

Update as of Tuesday 1st of April - 16 days after the injury

I am still in a lot of pain and get woken up regularly at nights by the pain. Was up for a good few hours last night. It is particularly bad in the mornings. I basically feel like when I am sat at home resting it, it's healing, and as soon as I am sleep or on my bike, I am putting a lot of pressure on it. I am continuing to take painkillers for it, but it's not helping much.

Update as of Friday 4th of April - 19 days after the injury

Last night was my first night in 19 days that I did not get woken up by the pain of my injury. Breathing heavily is still painful though. Fingers crossed I am getting there.

Update as of Sunday 6th of April - 21 days after the injury

I couldn't sleep properly again last night. So it has gotten worse. To make matter even worse, I have had a cold for around 2 weeks now which I can't shake off. Fuck.

Update as of Tuesday 8th of April - 23 days after the injury

I seem to be pain free. Might row for 20min tomorrow.

Update as of Monday 14th of April - 29 days after the injury

Fucking pain again. No fucking rowing for a fucking few days again. Fuck.

Posted on 19 Mar 2014, 1:17 a.m.

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