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Hitting a Plateau

I f***ed up today. I had a 5k erg test and I did exactly the same time I did 3 months ago. So hours and hours of training, sometimes doing upto 14 hours a week (which with the commute, getting changed, stretching, showering, etc, etc gets closer to 20 hours a week), had no effect in improving my time.

I thought I was going to avoid a plateau because I had massively picked up the mileage from 7-8 hours a week to 10-13 hours a week, but I think I must have dropped the intensity a little too much. I got myself a heart rate monitor a few months ago and I started ignoring the power numbers and went on HR only - I think my power actually has dropped a little.


What do I do know?

Andy suggests doing more Zone3 and Zone4 work - reading online a little the suggestion seems to be of 20% Zone3 work, and 10% Zone4 work, and 50% Zone2. That means in a 10 hour week, I have to do 3 hours of zone 3 and 4, that's like 5 sessions of 3x10min. That's a lot.

I am going to try and do 2 Zone 3 and 1 Zone 4 sessions a week over the Xmas break to see where that gets me. It's going to hurt. And I am going to keep track of the power again.

Maybe I should have never bought the bloody HRM. Or maybe I should have paid for lactate testing.

p.s. I did do a 3k earlier this week and that went a lot better. 11watts more than the 5k and heart rate 7-8bps lower. I really think I could have held that for another 2k. Was I too nervous today? I certainly don't have a cold or anything. So unclear, what's going on.

So. Tempted. To. Do. Another. 5k. Next. Week. But I need some company. Anyone in Oxford fancy a 5k piece?

Posted on 4 Dec 2014, 7:46 p.m.

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